Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sugar , Spice and all things sweet and YUM !!

For those that don't know yes I am a qualified chef but ever since I can remember I loved baking....Baking  cookies, cakes anything sweet really.

So it wasn't until about 2 months ago I delved into my cookery passion and realised I love cooking anything sweet and this is what I want to do for a long long time to come. Don't get me wrong I love cooking savoury in all it's forms I just seem to gravitate towards baking sweet stuff alot....alot.

Now baking anything sweet doesn't have to be really unhealthy as I have had this brought to my attention. I have made some delicious recipes that taste so good but are good on your waist line. Like my apricot and coconut raw balls (recipe to come) and my delicious Vanilla custard (recipe to come).
For me it's all about measuring the ingredients, going out and buying the equipment and above all cooking it. I just love it.

I made some scary chocolate cupcakes for my nephew Addison's 5th birthday in June. These were a really easy chcocolate cake  with chocolate buttercream and a scary green buttercream. Then the artist in me came out (well not really I just brought teeth lollies and went for it). It was so much fun and the kids and my nephew especially loved them.
These would have to be the perfect cupcake to make with kids as it's fun and they can be as creative as like wish.
I also made chocolate cupcakes for my sister Michelle's 40th Birthday with a rich white buttercream and a pink buttercream. So easy and simple and I decorated them with a dusting of clear glitter and silver cachous.

My beautiful sister Natalie got engaged so I put my hand up to make her cupcake engagement tower. Her colour theme was gold and mauve so I came up with mini chocolate cupcakes with white butter cream and chocolate butter cream. A mauve fondant heart was placed on top of each cupcake sprinkled with mauve edidble glitter.

My sister Natalie and her partner James loved them! Congratulation's again to Nat and JD!! xx

I was out shopping the other day and I stumbled upon this Barbie it has to be mine.
Panackae Making Barkie....

Next blog I will be including recipes for the easiest No bake cheesecake so quick and delicious and a must know recipe for your baking needs.

Until next time keep on cooking !!


  1. Great blog as always, and so good to see you back!!! It has been too long between posts!

  2. Thank you Matthew!!
    Yes my excuse is "I am too busy baking".
    Next blog arriving soon :)