Monday, June 28, 2010

New Life and all things Yum!!

Ok firstly I apologise for the lack of creative writing on my behalf but the excuse is great. Do you want to hear it? Ok well I have been busy catering . YAY! But from now on I will continue to update my cookery blog every week.

Well I guess the last time I was going to write was at Easter and Laughing chef made delicious hot cross buns(below right) my Dad loved them and milk free sugar cookies in the shape of bunnies and gingerbread in the shape of Easter eggs (below left) I had an amazing time cooking up Easter treats and thank you to those that supported Laughing chef .

Throughout Easter I thought about the next phase what else can I write about and it dawned on me great food, just write about great food and new and upcoming chefs on the scene as well as new and exciting cafes, restaurants and foodie haunts .So that is my Laughing Chef misson for you all.

After Easter came the birth of Sofia Elisea Cabrera who is the daughter of my girlfriend Lara and Husband  Kent. I have known Lara since Kindergarten (so just a  few years  ) and can I just say among other things Lara is a great cook growing up  in a Italian family running a restaurant in Carlton she was surrounded by fragrant , amazing smells and wonderful dishes . Lara knows her foodie stuff and she also makes an amazing chicken( Recipe to come)
Lara had her 1st daughter named Isabella  and God daughter to me and my two other girlfriends (we are called the Fairy god mothers) about 2 years ago and then she gave birth to her 2nd child this year in May. Isabella loves her little siste Sofia  ( below left)
I watched Lara as she was in Hospital with her 2nd baby and I was transfixed at how much love she had for her children and husband (below right) and saw how happy she was and is.

I witnessed a miracle one weekend in May as pretty much 3 days after giving birth Lara attended the church ceremony . Lara advised her sister Erica of my cookery business and then I was offered to make  the Bonbonniere (see below left ). The ceremony was the wedding of her sister Erica and partner Daivd’s wedding (pic of the beautiful bride and groom  below). Yes that’s right make up and all high heels and dress and baby in a blanket my girlfriend Lara held back the hormones and tears for one day and did something so selfless that I am blessed to know you Lara.

You’re an amazing mum Lara and I look forward to many more laughs and stories with you.

Lara’s Delicious Addictive LGGS Chicken
Lemongrass 2 stalks
Garlic 4 crushed
Ginger Grated 1 whole Bulb grated
Sweet Soy – Ketchup manis enough to coat thighs and make marinade
Chicken thighs cleaned

Grate ginger, crush garlic, crush and slice lemongrass, add to bowl .
Add ketchup manis / sweet soy, mix marinade.
Add chicken thighs (thighs are the best to use as they stay tender and juicy).
Marinate for 2 hours or even better overnight in the fridge.
Grill pieces of chicken and serve with salad or just eat the chicken trust me you will not stop.

My sister Eloise and her partner Daniel welcomed a baby in December 09 and named him Remy so this is nephew number 2 for me and my other nephew Addison absolutely loves Remy and holding him (left)

I love Remy (Remy and I right) he is such a great baby and such a happy baby and Eloise is a wonderful mum (below with Remy). Sometimes I look at my sister and think “oh yeah that’s right you are a mum”. It doesn’t change them it just defines them more and their world does change I mean she now has this baby to play with among other things.

Anyway so Remy is now nearly 7 months and I can honestly say I love watching him grow he know can squeal at an high octave similar to Mariah Carey ,and he loves to grab things and shove them in his mouth.

I noticed what an important role food makes in people’s lives and I mean delicious food. When Eloise had Remy she was sleep deprived and I saw smiles from her.  I handed her a piece of my Dark chocolate couverture brownie, Dark chocolate and walnut cookie. Or my delicous warm hot cross buns at Easter when the smell of freshly baked yeasty goodness would fill the house. Eloise would pop over with Remy I would make her a “cuppa” and her face went into sheer enjoyment and happiness. This is a huge reason why I cook I love making people happy and I love them enjoying great food that is made from natural local ingredients .

I have seen that sometimes  mums get swept away  with having a baby and taking care of them they forget how amazing of a mum they are so this is for you Eloise. Remy is a lucky boy to have a wonderful mum like you and a loving Dad like Daniel.

To all the mums who are bombarded with breastfeeding, no sleep and doing washing (as the babies  dirty every outfit.) You are amazing!

Ok so I am in love with baking , and anything yeasty and of course chocolate so recently came across a patisserie to watch out for his name is Adriano Zumbo he was on MasterChef for a bit doing a Chocolate mousse cake.

Check out Adriano Zumbo's website   and if you are in Sydney go visit his store. This man is so talented and has studied in France amongst the best in the patisserie world.

Well coming up is Bastille Day on July 14th and in the next blog I will be writing about  the most amazing and sought after recipes from the Roux Brothers as well as attempting to make pain au chocolate (chocolate croissants) so stay tuned and until next time go find a recipe and give it a whirl.

Happy baking from Laughing Chef.