Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laughing Chef has been launched


  1. This is great Renee! Love it!

  2. Absolutley fabulous !!!! when do international orders start????
    Im off to Japan at end of feb to do diploma in sushi ...will keep you updated .
    Good luck with everything
    emm (morag)

  3. Thanks Liana :) I love food and cooking so much it's getting easier to write about it now.

    Emm -- I envy you how amazing sushi training in Japan!!! I still have the postcard from your France breadmaking trip :)
    Have an awesome time and yes definitely keep me updated.
    "Arigato", "Kunpai" sorry that's all the Japanese I know.
    Hopefully see you soon when you return.
    Have a sensational trip.
    Ren :)